Self-awareness is essential to success and growth. Growth doesn’t happen automatically, it’s intentional. 

When you take the DISC assessment, you will learn how to leverage the various aspects of your personality for a life of achievement that align with your personal values.

Understand Your Personality To:

Advance Your Career Discover Your True Identity Build Better Relationships Find Your Authentic Self

So many people are just living their life and not leading their life.  No matter how accomplished you are, when you are not fulfilling your purpose, you will find yourself empty. 

Does your job feel like a job – something that you are skilled to do and go to everyday to earn income, or is it your work (gifting), something you would do even if you were not paid for it? 

Let’s find your true authentic self so that you can live a life of purpose and stop adapting to life’s situations.

Be Who You Were Meant To Be

Over 2 million people have gained insights into their behavior style and personality type by taking the DISC test. The DISC personality test analyzes four key behavior areas:

  • Dominance
  • Inducement
  • Submission
  • Compliance

The DISC assessment was created for individuals who want to improve and fully utilize their strengths.

To be who you were meant to be, you must first understand yourself.

About Paul

Certified Leadership Coach & Keynote Speaker

Be who you were created to be and do what you were created to do. This is the affirmation Paul C. Garrett lives and teaches by. As a dynamic Pastor, certified leadership coach and keynote speaker, Paul is the embodiment of the Be & Do with Confidence philosophy.

Paul has a heart for people and desires to see every person he comes into contact with live their life to its full potential. Whether it’s through one-on-one personal development or motivating a crowd of thousands, Paul Garrett wants to inspire you to Be & Do with Confidence!

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